Jessie and Stephen

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Our Story

Steve and Jessie met in the fall of 2012 when they began law school at Queen's and got to know each other as friends in the same "small section" (each first year class is divided into small sections comprised of 25 students who share all of the same classes). Although nothing romantic happened in that first year, when Steve left to spend the summer studying and travelling in Europe and Jessie stayed in Toronto to work, they kept in touch and both wondered whether something might develop when they returned to Kingston in the fall (and it did!).

Early in September, Jessie and Steve planned to go with friends for a drink to a Kingston bar called Red House one rainy night, but one by one their friends bowed out until it was only Jessie and Steve left. They still went, both unsure of whether it was two friends going for a drink or if it had turned into a date. They wound up lingering over one drink for hours. The following day, they hung out again (although Steve's plans to lean in for a kiss were thwarted by an unsuspecting friend who happened to have a passion for Good Will Hunting - a story that Jessie and Steve can recount in person upon request) and the next day again, and the rest was history.
Susan Moyal