School Bus to and from Toronto

We want our guests to be able to enjoy the evening without having to stay overnight if you'd prefer to return to Toronto. In the RSVP section, we have asked you to indicate whether you would want a spot on a school bus travelling to and from our venue from a central pickup/dropoff location in Toronto. Please let us know, as we can only plan this option effectively if we know how many people would make use of this.

If you do not intend to stay overnight, but anticipate that you may be enjoying the open bar at our wedding, we strongly urge you to leave your vehicle at home and let us know that you would like to be on the bus! We do not condone drinking and driving under any circumstances.

Uber or Lyft

Both Uber and Lyft are available in Hamilton, so if you have either of these apps available, you will be able to call a car to take you either to your hotel/airbnb depending on when you are ready to leave the wedding.


You can contact Hamilton taxi companies at the following numbers:

Hamilton Cab: (905) 777-7777
Blue Line Taxi: (905) 525-0000

GO Transit

If you are not inclined to stay overnight, make use of the school bus option, or drive, it is worth noting that there is a great public transportation system between Toronto and Hamilton!

GO Transit has a number of GO busses that travel between Toronto and Hamilton late into the evening (the June 2019 transit schedule is not yet available on the go transit website, but based on the current schedule, the last available bus departs from the Hamilton GO Centre Bus Terminal at 12:30 am and arrives in at the Toronto Coach Terminal at 1:20 am.

You can find the update GO Transit schedule here:
Susan Moyal